The Department of Travel Business devotes considerable attention to science and research. The topics covered are closely connected with the courses of academic subjects taught to students.

The areas of scientific research are:

  • Macroregional peculiarities and development of tourism process;
  • Globalization and integration processes in tourism;
  • Tourism influence on socioeconomic development of a country (region);
  • Resources-related tourism potential;
  • Functioning peculiarities of travel business subjects;
  • Travel industry classification;
  • Travel destination image-making;

In the last 3 years the Department has completed the following national budget research works:

  • “Tourism in the system of regional development priorities” 0110U000639;
  • “Region image in terms of tourism” 0111U006839;
  • “Tourism sphere as a priority line of region socioeconomic development” 0112U001889.

The most considerable scholarly developments have been published in the monographs: “Tourism in the system of regional development priorities”: Monograph / edited by Full Professor V. V. Aleksandrov (published in Ukrainian) “Region image in terms of tourism”: Monograph / edited by A. Yu. Parfinenko (published in Ukrainian)

To improve professional qualification and pedagogical skill, the Department faculty members actively participate in international and national conferences and seminars. Moreover, the Department is an organizer of the annual research-to-practice conference “Travel Business: World Tendencies and National Priorities”.

The Department has a constantly functioning scientific students’ society. Under the faculty's supervision students conduct research in Tourism Area Studies, Excursion Business, etc. Every year they make reports on the results of the conducted research at the All-Ukrainian research-to-practice conference “Urgent Matters of Travel Business” held by the Department.

Within the framework of research and technical cooperation with the local authorities the Department of Travel Business participated in the development of the tourism development concept in Kharkiv for 2008-2010; organized and directly participated in the round table meeting “Kharkiv Region Tourism Sphere: Sources of Competitive Advantages", research-to-practice seminars with representatives of the regional authorities, scientific conferences devoted to the problems and prospects of travel business development on the regional level and making Kharkiv region attractive in terms of tourism. The Department has developments in the tourism regional development strategy, region image-making in terms of tourism, evaluation of tourism-recreation potential and the relevant infrastructure.