Department of Economic Theory

The Department of Economic Theory is one of the oldest in Kharkiv University. It gained the status of general-university department after the University reconstruction in 1933.The Department faculty combines the University traditions of teaching different economic disciplines with allowance for the requirements of the epoch and tackling the urgent problems of the present.

In the post-war period the Department became degree-awarding. Its alumni constituted the heart of the research and educational personnel in Economic Theory of Left-Bank Ukraine and the Crimea. Over 40 alumni became doctors of Economics, full professors.

Department of Political Economy in 1979

In 1997 the Department subdivided into the general-university Department of Economic Theory and the Department of Economic Theory and Economic Management Methods of the School of Economics. The general-university Department of Economic Theory was headed by Doctor of Economics, Full Professor Vorobiov Yevhen Mukhailovych.

In 2005 the Department of Economic Theory became part of the School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business.

Head of the Department: Vorobiov Yevhen Mukhailovych, Doctor of Economics, Full Professor. Room 3-76, tel. 707-53-51.

Faculty room: room 3-78, tel. 707-53-51.