The School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business provides Bachelor’s Degree Programs in the following specialities: “International Economic Relations”, “International Law”, “Travel Business”, "International Information and International Communications", "Hotel and Catering Business", "International Relations and Regional Studios", "International Business". Term of training – 4 years.

Admission for Bachelor’s Degree Programs is based on the results of the Independent Standardized Testing and the average grade in the Diploma of Graduation.

Test subjects:

  • Ukrainian language (basic level)
  • Foreign language
  • Geography or Mathematics, or History of Ukraine (depending on the chosen speciality, look Admission rules to the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University)

There is also the training for Master’s Degree on the basis of the Bachelor program in specialty "International Economic Relations" (training period - 1.5 years, qualification - international economist, interpreter) or specialty "Travel Business" (training period - 1.5 years, qualification - Master of Travel Business, Travel Business Specialist, Excursion Specialist, Guide-Interpreter) and specialists in specialty "International Economic Relations" (term of training - 1 year, qualification - specialist in international economic relations, interpreter) or specialty "Tourism" (term of training - 1 year qualifications - Travel Business Specialist).

Admission for Master’s Degree Programs is competition based. The following criteria are taken into consideration: academic merit in the previous 4 years, the student’s research activity, and the results of their Professional State Examination (for Bachelors in other specialty/preparation course) and entrance examination in a foreign language.

The Faculty also has the Postgraduate specialty "World Economy and International Economic Relations."

Training of professionals is carried out both by state order and on a contractual basis. The faculty is also carried out retraining of specialists with higher education (the second higher education) on a contract basis for the qualifications of a bachelor, ther is also a possibility of parallel education.

In general, the department is now has more than 1,000 full-time and distance learning students, among them - about 150 foreigners.

The academic process, research and methodical work of the School are ensured by about 100 highly qualified faculty members, including 19 full professors and 35 associate professors as well as prominent lecturers of the University Schools of Economics, Law, Sociology, Philosophy, Foreign Languages etc., and leading experts from the Regional State Administration, agencies and businesses located in Kharkiv.

The high level of professional education at the School is ensured by the fact that our faculty members undero their advanced professional development at outstanding higher educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries of the world. They employ modern methods of instruction.

The website provides information on research and methodical provisions for the academic process: