Organization of the Process of Education

In accordance with the Regulations on organization of the process of education (in the Ukrainian language), students are trained in the day, distance and external modes of study that can be combined. The process of education in the day mode is organized using the semester system. Vacations are established twice a year and their overall duration is at least 8 weeks.

Students’ performance, in accordance with the credit-module system requirements, is entered to the individual curriculum containing information on the academic subjects taught, academic load and the student's assessment.

The process of education is carried out through academic and individual classes, practices, control tests and independent work. The main types of academic classes are lectures, laboratory, practical, seminar and individual classes (course papers, library-research papers) and consultations.

Students’ performance is assessed through oral questioning, written tests, colloquia, students’ presentations at seminars. For this purpose, modular and University President’s tests are conducted. After completing the studies of a certain educational qualification level students undergo state attestation.

Information on the tutors assigned to the academic groups, time-tables of classes, public lectures and exams and credits, standard documents and forms (in the Ukrainian language) can be found in the corresponding sections of the website.