Main areas of research conducted at the Department:

  • Cross-border cooperation (Full Professors Holikov A.P., Kazakova N.A., Levkivskyi V.M., Associate Professors Chernomaz P.O., Dmitriiev V.M., Honcharenko N.I., Senior Lecturer Zhuravlov O.V., Lecturer Dvorovenko O.YE);
  • Structural transformations in commodity circulation in Ukraine and other countries (Full Professor Sidorov&nspV.&nspI.);
  • Legal support of international economics (Associate Professor Dmitriiev V., Senior Lecturer Zhuravlov O.)
  • External relations of Ukraine (Associate Professor Hrihorova-Berenda L.I., Senior Lecturer Savchenko I.I.);
  • International Tourism (Full Professor Kazakova N. A., Associate Professor Hrihorova-Berenda L.I., Senior Lecturer Kasian S.A.);
  • External Trade (Associate Professor Hrihorova-Berenda L.I.);
  • Monetary policy and investment (Full Professor Matiushenko I. Yu., Yakubovskyi S. O).

The Department executes the national budget topic: “Cross-border cooperation on the Ukrainian-Russian border: status, tendencies and prospects”. The Department International Economic Relations initiated creation of the first Russian –Ukrainian Euroregion "Slobozhanshchyna”.

The Department has a Student Scientific Society. In the recent 5 years the Department faculty and students have published about 40 articles. The faculty members alone have published over 150 articles, 40 monographs and participated in more than 150 conferences devoted to the urgent matters of international economic relations, economics and cross-border cooperation. The Department has organized 11 research-to-practice conferences and issued 9 compendia of scientific works.

The Department provides postgraduate programs in the speciality (major) «World Economy and International Economic Relations». In the recent 5 years more than 10 Candidate’s theses have been defended by the postgraduate and degree-seeking students of the Department. More than 10 postgraduates are enrolled in the Department today.

In 2012 the School established the Thesis Committee K 64.051.25 entitled to consider and defend candidate’s theses for the academic degree of Candidate of Economics in the speciality (major) 08.00.02 – World Economy and International Economic Relations.