Academic work

The Department provides teaching of the following general and major-specific courses in Bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Theory of International Relations;
  • International Information;
  • International Organizations;
  • International Relations and World Politics;
  • International Public Law;
  • Diplomatic and Consular Service;
  • Ukrainian Foreign Policy;
  • Private International Law;
  • Information and Analytical Activities in International Relations;
  • Democratic Governance and World Culture;
  • Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette.

As well as the following major-specific and practical courses:

  • History of International Relations;
  • Economy of Ukraine;
  • Introduction to the speciality (major) of International Economic Relations;
  • World economy;
  • System of Technologies;
  • International Economic Relations;
  • Economic and Mathematical Modeling of World Economic Processes;
  • International Currency and Credit Relations;
  • Theory and Practice of Foreign Trade;
  • World Finances;
  • Management of Foreign Economic Activities;
  • Management of Foreign Economic Activities of an Enterprise;
  • Fundamentals of Modern Geopolitics;
  • Investment;
  • Insurance in International Business.

Major-specific courses for Specialists in International Economic Relations:

  • World Financial Environment;
  • Postsocialist Countries in Modern World;
  • International Economic Law;
  • Global Macroeconomic Policy;
  • International transportation Economics;
  • External Economic Activity of Ukraine;
  • EU Regional Policy;
  • Legal Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities;
  • Innovation Economics;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • International Currency and Stock Markets;
  • Corporate Business;
  • World Economy Transnationalization;

Major-specific courses for Masters in International Economic Relations:

  • Global Macroeconomic Policy;
  • Theoretical seminar “Urgent Matters of World Economy and International Economic Relations”;
  • Ukraine in the System of World Economic Relations;
  • Legal Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities;
  • Regional Development Strategy: European Context, International Currency and Stock Markets, Modern World Infrastructure, Intellectual Property, Innovation Economics, Derivative Securities, European Integration, Commercial Diplomacy.

In the last five years the Department has developed 29 textbooks and workbooks for higher school and a Dictionary-glossary of international economic terms.