Student Trade Union

The Trade Union of Students, Postgraduates and Doctoral Candidates of the School of International Economic Relations and Travel Business is a student organization enabling you to self-actualize, reveal your talents and find good friends. This is a place you want to return to over and over again to share your ideas and implement them in life. Trade Union members are active students possessing three main characteristics: aspiration, self-discipline and responsibility.

Trade Union goal: to unite the School’s students to defend their socioeconomic rights and interests, to increase moral, cultural and scientific values of society, to tackle students’ problems together.

The youth working here is famous for their diligence, studiousness, readiness to help each student. This is a solidary team.

The Trade Union work is carried out in the following activities:

1. Trade Union Commission on socioeconomic affairs (material assistance provision for students, reduced fare tickets for public transport, encouragement for high performance in studies, active participation in public life of the University and the School).

2. Trade Union Commission on sports and recreation (organization and arrangement of summer and winter holidays, Trade Union Cup competitions in various sports).

3. Trade Union Commission on organizational and cultural activities (assistance in conducting the competitions Alma-Mater and Miss University, Day of the School, initiation into “international” students).

4. Trade Union Commission on living conditions (organization of daily chores in the dormitories, assistance in obtaining accommodation allowances).

5. Commission on admitting Trade Union members (annual admission of new members, questionnaire data collection and processing).

School’s Trade Union Organization Members:

  • Head of the Trade Union Organization (TUO): Bohdan Prokopenko
  • TUO Deputy Head: Mykhailo Ihnatiev (shift 2)
  • TUO Deputy Head: Yamchuk Valeriia (shift 1)
  • I year TUO organizer:Tarasenko Alina
  • II year TUO organizer: Mariia Drokina
  • III year TUO organizer: Valeriia Stakhovska
  • IV year TUO organizer: Yuliia Holovko
  • V year TUO organizer:Andrii Kazakov

We are always happy to see new faces in our team. We will help you acquire skills of teamwork, business communication and discover and reveal your creative potential.

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