List of of major scientific and educational works

Scientific work
List of of major scientific and educational works

of major scientific and educational works

I. Yu. Matyushenko
Professor of International Economic Relations
of VN Karazin Kharkiv National University

(as of 01/03/2016 was)

He has 234 publications, including 214 scientific (including 60 articles published in professional journals of Ukraine, as well as 12 articles in professional journals with impact factor (4 of which are included in the ISI Web of Science citations)) and 10 patents.

  • Number of papers published in refereed journals: 72 (economic sciences).
  • Number of communications to scientific conferences: 74 (economic sciences).
  • Number of scientific monographs: 42(economic sciences).
  • Number of patents and copyrights: 10 (technical sciences).

Study and tutorials:

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  2. Matyushenko,I. (2015). Chapter 10. “International investment activities”. International economic relations.VNKarazinKharkivNationalUniversity, 312-354. –464 p.
  3. Matyushenko,I. (2014).International Investment Management.S. Kuznets Kharkiv National Economics University, 520 p.
  4. Matyushenko,I. (2013).Investment (in the context of international integration of Ukraine).VNKarazinKharkivNationalUniversity, 396 p.
  5. Matyushenko, I., & Bozhko,V. (2005). Foreign investment, Ukraine, Kyiv, 336 p.
  6. Matyushenko,I. (2003). Fundamentals of Financial Management, Ukraine,Kyiv, 220 p.
  7. Matyushenko, I.(2001). Foreign exchange market and foreign exchange transactions. NYe Zhukovskiy National Aerospace University, 58 p.

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