Educational program “International Relations and Regional Studios”

  • Branch of knowledge: 05 «Social and behavioral sciences»
  • Speciality: 055 «International Relations, social communications and regional studios»
  • Educational program (specialization): «International Relations and Regional Studios»
  • Qualification: Bachelor in International Relations and Regional Studios

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  • Phone: +38 (057) 7075306
  • Email: turbiz@karazin.

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Formation of Ukraine as sovereign, independent state and sequential socioeconomic and sociopolitical development give grounds to affirm unceasing increase of the role and functions of experts in international relations. Not only state institutions, like embassies, consulates, trading representations of Ukraine abroad, lack such experts nowadays, but also companies practicing foreign economic activity, banks, and other financial institutions as well as mass media, which highlight international issues.

Educational program “International Relations and Regional Studios” connects allround study of international relations as an academic subject and as political practice with deep understanding of one or several key regions of the world. The course provides mastering knowledge of geography, history, social, economic, political, religious, and cultural development of countries and regions of the world in order to deepen understanding of the essence of geopolitical environment in a corresponding region of the world, geopolitical determination, geopolitical interests and impacts on foreign policy of certain countries.

The received range of knowledge allows the specialists understand peculiarities and traditions of political behavior of every country, objective demands and objective possibilities of international relations development, which allows forecast and model the development of international life.


Graduates of the educational program “International Relations and Regional Studios” maypractice informationanalytical, consultative, and expert activities on peculiarities of the development of certain countries and regions in the sphere of international relations, state government, private or public organisations. They also may engage in scientific pedagogical activities or work on researches.

Graduates of the speciality “Country studies” may hold the following positions:

  • diplomatic representative (ambassador) affiliated with Ukrainian embassies abroad,
  • special missions, Ukrainian representations in international organisations;
  • worker of Ukrainian consulate institutions;
  • worker of state central and local authorities and selfgovernment;
  • worker of international organizations, international bodies;
  • analyst in the international sphere;
  • analyst of interstate political and economic processes;
  • adviser for media relations of foreign policy departments and diplomatic institutions;
  • specialist in public relations and press (PRmanager, image maker, crisis manager, strategy manager);
  • expertadviser in sociopolitical issues;
  • lecturer in universities, political scientist;
  • international tourism organizer;
  • attaché;
  • diplomatic agent;
  • diplomatic courier;
  • expert in sociopolitical
  • adviser in sociopolitical issues of countries/regions;
  • adviser in sociopolitical issues (in parties and others public organisations);
  • political correspondent;
  • guide interpreter, translator;
  • lecturer in universities;
  • adviser in advertising agencies;
  • researcher (political scientists)
  • international affairs analyst;
  • issues of countries/regions;


The educational program “International Relations and Regional Studios” opens a while number of opportunities and provides the following benefits:

  • About 2200 academic hours are dedicated to mastering foreign languages: Chinese as the main foreign language; English, German and French as the second foreign language of student's choice. The total number of hours for teaching Chinese corresponds to the training of translators.
  • The high level of teaching foreign languages, particularly Chinese as the main language, is provided by the Department of Business English and Translation which has traditions and experience of teaching students the foreign languages.
  • Close collaboration of the School of International Economic Relations and Tourism with the Confucius Institute, which has worked in the university since 2009, promotes high level quality of Oriental education and studying languages. The mission of the Confucius Institute is to promote the growth of understanding of China and its culture throughout the world, to develop friendly relations of China with other countries, particularly with Ukraine. Cooperation with the Confucius Institute is focused on the specifics of cooperation of graduates with China. Specifically, students can have a possibility to study at cultural and educational summer school, or in higher educational institutions of the People’s Republic of China etc.
  • Our students have access to international academic mobility programs (parallel education or training at universities in other countries) as well as to international grants and other educational and research projects.
  • During the study, the students have an opportunity to listen to lectures, participate in seminars and workshops of famous Ukrainian and foreign scientists and diplomats.
  • Our students are actively involved in scientific work, participate in scientific conferences and roundtables on international diplomatic issues. Most students have their own scientific publications on various aspects of international life.
  • Bachelors of Country Studies may continue their studies for a Master’s degree and after study at postgraduate level, defend thesis and doctoral dissertation.


A wide range of teachers from different departments and schools is involved into training of the educational program "International Relations and Regional Studies". These are professors and associate professors of the School of International Economic Relations and Tourism, as well as qualified teachers of economic, historical, geographical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, law and other schools.

The curriculum involves the study of the following subjects:

  • Humanitarian and socioeconomic subjects: the history of Ukraine, the history of Ukrainian and foreign culture, philosophy, logics, religion, theory of law, constitutional law foundations, business etiquette, political science, sociology, psychology, ecology, management and marketing.
  • Fundamental subjects: the history of international relations, international relations theory, international relations and foreign policy, international organizations, international information, international communications, comparative constitutional law, public international law, private international law, world history, world economy, international economic relations, History of Political Thought, modern information systems and technologies, and others.
  • Professionally oriented subjects: foreign language (Chinese); second foreign language (English, French, German (optional)); physical geography of the world; economic geography of the world; basics of ethnology and civilization of the world, foreign language of the specialty, geography, internal political development of countries, diplomatic and consular service, Ukraine's foreign policy, diplomatic protocol and etiquette, the methodology of country studies, conflict and theory of negotiations, the political history of the world, ethnic psychology of the East, economic history of the world, history and contemporary culture of China, history and contemporary culture of Japan, international relations and diplomacy, international tourism basics, international relations and world politics, China and East Asia in the world politics and others.